I am a philosophy lecturer at the University of Manchester who works in the philosophy of mind and cognitive science. I am also an associate editor for the Australasian Journal of Philosophy.

My background is in the metaphysics of mind, especially consciousness, while my current work takes a developmental approach to issues in cognitive science, particularly emotion. I am also interested in the perception-side of aesthetics and the science of racial bias. (You can find my most up to date research on PhilPapers).

I have taught a range of topics, including in philosophy of mind, metaphysics, aesthetics and ethics. At Manchester, I teach courses in philosophy of race and philosophy of psychology. I have also supervised graduate students in various areas, including artificial intelligence, animal minds, philosophy of time, perception and aesthetics. If you would like to work with me, please feel free to get in touch.

I am also engaged in numerous outreach programs, e.g., I have done interviews for the BBC and TVNZ, as well as various podcasts, and I currently write the neurophilosophy segment for wi-phi.com.

Before moving to Manchester, I was a senior lecturer at the University of Auckland, and prior to that a postdoctoral research fellow at the University of Cambridge. I have also held visiting lectureships at Otago University, Lehigh University and the Open University. My PhD, awarded in 2012, is from the University of Sydney.

I am originally from the Maldives, but have lived at various points in the UK, New Zealand, Australia and America. I am based in London and Manchester.