Philosophy in Schools

I try to teach a bit philosophy in schools wherever I am based. I have also worked with school teachers themselves. For example, as part of the New Directions project, we ran some programs aimed at teachers in the UK who taught A-level philosophy of mind.


(The New Directions team circa 2015: Alex Grzankowski, Tim Crane, Craig French, me and Chris Meyns)

Likewise, I have run critical thinking workshops and given lectures for the Innovative Education Program in my native country, the Maldives, which helps primary and secondary school teachers with some of the challenges of teaching in a digital age.


Academics are shy folk but I think it’s important to engage the public where possible. For example, I have discussed emotions (with Derek Matravers) on the BBC Radio 4 program The Global Philosopher and philosophical attitudes to death on TVNZ’s channel 3 program The Project. A more extensive and up-to-date discussion of my research can be found on the podcast series Bunch of Thoughts.

Think Tank

I am a member of the Aotearoa New Zealand Islamic Think Tank (ANZITT), which was set up in response to the Christchurch massacre in 2019, as a way a to assist the government on policy matters which affect the muslim community. It comprises of academics of muslim faith and/or muslim heritage (like myself), and has thus far played a significant role in (i) the Royal Commission inquiry into the attack and (ii) new government proposals against incitement of hatred and discrimination. ANZITT has played a central role in advocating for hate speech laws in NZ to include discrimination on the basis of religion.