I am involved with various outreach programs, most recently discussing emotions (with Derek Matravers) for the BBC Radio 4 program The Global Philosopher.


I have also been involved in training secondary school teachers in the UK how to teach A-level Philosophy of Mind, as part of the New Directions project.


(The New Directions team circa 2015: Alex Grzankowski, Tim Crane, Craig French, me and Chris Meyns)

I have also run critical thinking workshops and given lectures for the Innovative Education Program in the Maldives, which trains primary and secondary school teachers. My most recent lecture attracted 500+ teachers.

I am also deeply concerned with the rise of Islamic radicalism in the Maldives. I have written pop-culture pieces about it, and am part of a public discourse that argues for the re-introduction of Evolutionary Theory and Fine Arts into the public school curriculum.